Begonia Calender

Begonia Calendar Checklist for Tuber Hybrida Begonias

Month Actions

August Check for disease. Start watching for signs of life.

Move begonias to warmth to help starting. Plant seeds

September Pot up. Check for disease. Plant seeds

October Continue potting up and check for disease. If Begonias well

started light feeding can be applied.

November Early Begonias may need staking. Look for Basal cuttings.


December Plants for the February show debud until 6 weeks before

show, cuttings, feeding and staking

January Select plants for show and give special care. staking, feeding,

Cuttings. Check for diseases.

February Similar to January. Remove expired flowers and other debris.

Look for pollen if you are doing seed.

March Similar to February. Start doing final watering for early flowering

Tubers, using Sulphate of Potash powder. Reduce watering as

Days shorten and temperatures drop.

April Start final watering as above. Remove flowers from plants that

Have had final watering. Do final watering for all plants

except late flowering plants. Watch for diseases and remove debris

May Complete final watering. Remove all flowers. Watch for diseases

Dry tubers and treat for storage.

June/July Ensure tubers are disease free. Treat diseased tubers and store

separately. In July consider planting seeds if you have the facilities