Club Competition Rules

Annual Begonia Show Competition Rules


1.1 Standard or Upright

Entries in this class are limited to Begonia Tuber-hybrida grown as

an upright plant

1.2 Hanging or Basket

Entries in this class are limited to Begonia Tuber- hybrida grown as a

hanging or basket plant.

1.3 All other Begonia Types

Any plant which has a botannical classification as a begonia and is not

eligible for entry in classes 1.1 or 1.2 may be entered in this class.

2 Entry in the Show Competition

2.1 Entry in the show competition is limited to financial members of the

Wellington Begonia Club.

2.2 An exhibit can be entered in one class only

2.3 Members may only enter plants that they personally have grown this

season from tubers, seed, or seedlings acquired which were less than

100mm tall at that time.

3 Entries Not Accepted

3.1 Any exhibit actively affected by pests, diseases or fungal disorder shall

be removed from the show by the Stewards and /or the Judges.

4 Rules for Display

4.1 When staging standard plants, the aids which may be used, are stakes,

ties, and wire supports for flowers. No other items, or plant material

are permitted.

4.2 When staging baskets the only items permitted are small wires or stakes

to hold a stem in place.

4.3 For all other begonias no extra foliage or other items are allowed, but

stakes etc as for standard plants may be used where appropriate.

4.4 One plant only is allowed in the pot or basket.

5 Stewards

5.1 Two stewards shall be appointed at a monthly meeting prior to the show,

and they will be responsible for ensuring plants are displayed in an orderly

manner for judging.

5.2 The stewards will assist the judges as required.

6 Judges

6.1 The appointment of the judge or judges will be determined at a monthly

meeting prior to the show.

6.2 During judging members are not permitted to approach the judges or

engage in conversation with them.

7 Judging criteria

7.1 The Judges will take in to account the criteria set out in sections 7.2 to 8


7.2 Plants are entered in the correct class.

7.3 Plants are not affected by pests or disease.

7.4 Pots are clean and clearly labelled.

7.5 Good Balance for Standard Plants.

(a) Flower or flowers must face the front and not be unevenly spread over the

plant. Turn the plant to get the most balanced look.

(b) Remove female flowers.

(c) Foliage should not cover the flower(s) or interfer with the displaying of

the flower.

(d) Leaves should cover the plant overall.

(e) The container should be appropriate for the plant. Small plants should

not be in large containers. Plants should be at least the height of the pot,

but should not be more than one and a half times the height of the pot.

7.6 Stakes and Supports

(a) Stakes and supports can be used to support flower stems and leaves to

give the plant the balance referred to above. Refer section 4.1 above

b) The stake and or support should not be higher than the top of the plant.

7.7 Freshness

(a) The plant has not had too much sun with the leaves and stems

discoloured. The plant should not looked stressed.

(b) Remove damaged flowers or flowers with discoloured edges.

(c) Remove damaged or yellow leaves.

(d) Ensure the pot is clean and clear of spider webs.

7.8 Hangers or Baskets

(a)The comments above also apply to hangers although there will be no

stakes and supports except as detailed in section 4.1 above.

(b) The flowers should be even right round the pot and as far as practical of

a similar length. Female flowers are left on the plant, but care should be

taken to remove spent flowers.

8 Examples of what not to do, and poor display techniques are shown

separately under the heading Competition Faults.